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Opinion: South Carolina's Season Is Not Over

By: Sinderella

Coming off of getting swept for the first time all season, the South Carolina Gamecock fans are at a season low. Going into the weekend the Gamecocks were ranked #13 and were hosting a Georgia baseball program they usually handle year in and year out. The Bulldogs would end up outscoring South Carolina 39-21 over the 3-game sweep and it would have caused many to completely check out of the season, if they hadn't already. Yes, South Carolina did not have the series they were expecting, but the season is not over.

As crazy as it sounds, South Carolina still has a chance to host a regional. Obviously, they are going to have to win a road SEC series versus #1 Tennessee, but if they can pull that off and win a game or two in the SEC tournament, then they will host. This is still a very talented team that can achieve anything and everything. It will take a lot of work and the ball has to bounce their way a few times, but it is possible. We saw a 2022 Ole Miss Rebel team go from #1 in the country to praying they get into the playoffs. They got in as one of the last 4 teams and got hot. The Rebels would go on and make an improbable run to the College World Series and win the whole thing. I am not saying that is what South Carolina will do, but in this sport, anything can happen.

South Carolina has built a resume that is still good enough to get into a regional, and as long as they get one more win it will be a lock. Obviously, hosting would be beneficial for numerous reasons, but if the Gamecocks can just get in they can make some noise. Especially with the offense that has been producing at a high level over the past 3 weeks. The long relief from the bullpen has been a strength all year, and it looks like there could be a new rotation that would help get the Gamecocks off to fast starts with the likes of Eli Jones, Ty Good, and Garrett Gainey as the new weekend rotation. We will see what ends up happening, but that is what I am hearing is most likely right now. If they can perform well versus the best offense in the country, then I feel strong about South Carolina's chances versus anyone.

I know the season may seem lost, but it is far from over. The best thing to do is to continue to support the players. They come out and play hard every game and never stop fighting. That is the most impressive quality I have seen out of them all year. They guys will not give up on the season, so the South Carolina fans should not give up on the players. They need your support more now than at any point of the season. Like I said earlier, this is still a very talented team and all it takes is one moment or game to trigger a potentially special run in the tournament.

(All pictures courtesy of @GamecockBasebll on X)

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