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Welcome to the college softball library that never closes

So, you and your friend(s) are talking college softball and something comes up about who won the WCWS a particular year, or who had the most home runs, lowest ERA, etc. You're pretty sure you know, but you're not absolutely certain. In the old days, you'd often have go to the library to find the answer. Now, you have the CSBC Library, and unlike the one above, it never closes.

To be fair and give credit where credit is due, we didn't make all these lists or write all the charts. Like a library, where thousands of books written by others are assembled for your access and convenience, we're merely living up to our name, giving all the statistics and records of College Softball a, umm, Central location.

If there's something else you'd like to see here, let us know. If we can find it, we'll share it here for all those who love the great game of college softball. In the meantime, enjoy, impress your friends, and who knows, maybe even win a few debates that might have some consideration hanging in the balance.

Division 1 College Softball Statistics:

Division 2 College Softball Statistics:

Division 3 College Softball Statistics:

Extended College Softball Statistics:

Division 1 Softball Records through the 2022 season:

Division 2 Softball Records through the 2022 season:

Division 3 Softball Records through the 2022 season:

Collegiate Season and Career Records:

Conference Standings D1-2-3 for the 2022 season:

Pre-NCAA AIAW Championship Results:

Women's College World Series History and Record Book (excluding 2020)

Women's College World Series Most Outstanding Players 1982-2022:

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