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The Bottom 5 Teams in the Power 5

There is a ton of good baseball being played around the country in the power conferences. But, there is also some bad baseball being played. Here are my bottom 5 teams ranked:

5. Pitt

With the emergence of Boston College this year, Pitt has slid right in in their absence. Being an older team in 2022, we knew this Pitt team was likely to take a step back, but not to this extent. 1-3 on the ACC slate, the weather saved the Panthers this week. The Pitt staff has struggled to get outs, and Friday against the Heels was no different. A sliding Virginia Tech team comes to the Burgh this weekend and boy did they pick a good time. Expect Pitt to have trouble with the Hokie lineup.

4. Kansas

The good news for Kansas is they open Big 12 play this weekend. The bad news is, they only have one series win on the year, against a ton of bottom feeders. The Jayhawks went 1-5 on their Outer Banks trip and needed a Sunday salvage to get the 1. Kansas has a tough week ahead with Mizzou and TCU on the slate. The curse of Mahi is real as since he was cleared to play, Kansas is just 6-9 with no series wins.

3. Utah

In sports, we often use the phrase, “they are the best team no one is talking about.” Well, this is quite the opposite for Utah. Back-to-back series losses against the bottom tier of the PAC-12 is not a good sign for the Utes. Utah has avoided the sweep both times this year, but losing on Friday and Saturday is not a recipe for success for any team. Add in a loss to rival BYU and Utah fans are turning away. Stanford this week will be a real test for a team that has failed all of theirs prior. Look for the Trees to roll.

2. Mississippi State

Man, does 2021 feel like a lifetime ago. Dating back to last season, this is 14 straight SEC games lost for Lemo and the crew. I have followed State for the last 10 years, as I was a student there in undergrad, and this was the worst weekend I have seen. Swept by Kentucky, allowing double digit runs Saturday and Sunday, including a run rule, is what gets the seat a little hotter. 22 walks in 28 innings (10 inning game on Saturday) will get you beat by anyone. State will play Vandy at home this weekend and will need some Dude magic to win this series. Expect the Coms to dominate Mississippi State like they did Ole Miss this weekend.

1. Baylor

Ahh my favorite team to hate, the Baylor Bears. It’s very fitting their baseball website is down, I am sure they like to pretend they don't exist as well. 8-12 with only 1 series win will get you here. Yes, they are 2-1 in big 12 play, but it was Kansas State. I think Baylor, KSU, and Kansas will battle it out for last place, and Baylor has shown they can lose with the best of them. Don't expect their winning ways to continue against Oklahoma State.

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