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SEC West Recap for Week 13

By Doug Kyle

SEC West Standings

19-8 Arkansas— won two out of three against Mississippi State (SEC) 7-5, 5-8, 9-6, now 42-10. Looking ahead: 5/16-5/18 at Texas A&M (SEC)

17-10 Texas A&M— beat Rice 16-3 (7), won one out of three against Ole Miss (SEC) 3-4, 2-10, 6-0, now 41-10. Looking ahead: 5/16-5/18 vs. Arkansas (SEC)

15-12 Mississippi State— won one out of three against Arkansas (SEC) 5-7, 8-5, 6-9, now 33-18. Looking ahead: 5/14 vs. North Alabama, 5/16-5/18 vs. Missouri (SEC)

12-15 Alabama— beat Troy 7-6, won two out of three against LSU (SEC) 8-7, 3-6, 4-3, now 32-19. Looking ahead: 5/16-5/18 at Auburn (SEC)

11-16 Ole Miss— lost to Murray State 12-9 (15), won two out of three against Texas A&M (SEC) 4-3, 10-2, 0-6, now 27-23. Looking ahead: 5/14 at Southern Miss, 5/16-5/18 at LSU (SEC)

10-17 LSU— beat Northwestern State 6-5, won one out of three against Alabama (SEC) 7-8, 6-3, 3-4, now 33-20. Looking ahead: 5/16-5/18 vs. Ole Miss (SEC)

6-21 Auburn— beat Georgia Tech 7-2, won two out of three against Missouri (SEC) 11-12, 12-2 (8), 9-7, now 25-25. Looking ahead: 5/14 vs. Samford at Hoover, AL, 5/16-5/18 vs. Alabama (SEC)


West Statistical Leaders (SEC games only)

Team Batting Average: Texas A&M= .288

Individual Batting Average: Connor Hujsak-MSU= .387

Team Home Runs: Texas A&M= 63

Individual Home Runs: Tommy White-LSU, Braden Montgomery-A&M=13

Team Hits: Texas A&M=271

Individual Hits: Graham Grahovac-A&M=38

Team RBI: Texas A&M=209

Individual RBI: Braden Montgomery-A&M=34

Team Runs Scored: Texas A&M=216

Individual Runs Scored: Jace Laviolette-A&M=34

Team Stolen Bases: Auburn=31

Individual Stolen Bases: David Mershon-MSU=16

Team ERA: Arkansas= 3.95

Individual ERA: Griffin Herring-LSU=1.24

Team Strikeouts: Arkansas=302

Individual Strikeouts: Hagen Smith-Ark=96

Individual Pitching Appearances: Cam Schuelke-MSU=18

Team Fielding Percentage: Mississippi State= .984

Individual Fielding Percentage: Many tied at 1.000



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