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Mississippi State Profiles: Pitchers Simmons, Dohm, Holcombe

By Doug Kyle

During the 2024 Mississippi State baseball preseason media session, three Bulldog pitchers and three Bulldog position players responded to questions from print, online, and TV outlets. Here are their responses. Audio has been enhanced as much as possible to clarify the questions that were asked off-mic.

Stone Simmons

When Simmons walked out to the mound at Dudy Noble Field during Fall Practice 2023, he was greeted with an ovation, not just from the fans there to see an intrasquad scrimmage, but from both dugouts too. What was the momentous occasion? It was his first public competition since March 5, 2022, when he threw a scoreless 8th inning on the road at Tulane. Hardly anyone outside the dugout knew that day why he didn't come back out to save the one-run game, which his team wound up losing in extra innings. He'd thrown just 10 pitches, but as had happened to teammate Landon Sims the day before, a season-ending injury was why.

The first official 2024 pitching appearance for Simmons will mark the end of a long road to recovery for the senior from Houston, TX, who's been at Mississippi State so long now one tends to forget he was actually a transfer from Furman in 2021. But, why don't we let him speak about all this in his own words?

Nate Dohm

Like Simmons, Dohm was a transfer, in 2023 from Ball State, where he recalls getting to practice outside just one time before his freshman season began in 2022. So, you might say he's fond of the southern weather in Mississippi and its conduciveness to early spring workouts.

And like Sims and Simmons a year earlier, Dohm had a scary moment last season, when initial injury symptoms thankfully turned out to be not as severe as thousands of held breaths feared. Dohm returned to action after a little rest and relaxation for his right arm and finished the season. He did take precautions by not competing in summer ball, resting his arm and working out at home in Zionsville, IN, then returning to campus in July to work with new Pitching Coach Justin Parker. "The Dohminator," as he's affectionately nicknamed, credits Parker with some subtle but key changes in both his coming-up and delivery, which he believes improves both velo(city) and accuracy. Here's what Nate had to say.

Colby Holcombe

When Holcombe walks into a room, or out to the mound, he's hard to miss. The Florence, AL native, by way of NE Mississippi Community College, is listed at 6'6", 250, which most assuredly is not a case of roster fudging. But, when he smiles and throws back his long flowing blond hair, you're glad he's on your team and not pitching to you at the plate. Like Dohm, Holcombe credits Coach Parker with helping him refine his mechanics, to the point where he's now comfortable in throwing his change-up this season. You heard that right, if hitting against Holcombe's fast ball wasn't challenge enough already, now batters have to wonder if their swing will be finished by the time the ball actually arrives. Colby's answers may be brief, but his look is all business.

TOMORROW: Meet position players Dakota Jordan, Bryce Chance, and Amani Larry.


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