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Introducing: The ACC Fantasy Baseball League


The Rules

The ACC Fantasy League will consist of a head-to-head schedule that takes place of the next ten ACC weekends. Only ACC games will count which means midweeks will not. That makes for 10 league matchups between teams before the Championship Game. The Championship will take place between the top two fantasy teams during the week of the ACC Tournament in Charlotte, NC.

Rosters will consist of 15 active players. The ACC weekend stats for each of those players will count towards the team's total score.

Each team's roster will consist of:

8 fielders (one for each defensive position minus the pitcher)

1 designated hitter

3 starting pitchers

3 relief pitchers

Additionally, there will be a "taxi squad" of five players for each team that are available to replace players mid-weekend should an injury or other situation arise. The incorporation of a player from the taxi squad to replace the points for an active weekend player will be made at the sole discretion of the commissioner based on the context of the situation. Team managers are also allowed to swap active players with taxi squad players prior to the weekend slate.

Additionally, there will be a free agent pool beyond each team's taxi squad that teams will be eligible to use as long as they notify the commissioner and receive approval ahead of the weekend slate.

Teams are allowed to trade between both their active roster and taxi squad. Trades will be approved at the commissioner's discretion.

Every week we will update everyone on the status of the league and teams through articles on either Wednesday or Thursday. These articles will review each week’s fantasy results. The ACC Fantasy League will also be a frequent topic of conversation on X (formerly known as Twitter) and on the joint FQACC/College Baseball Central podcast.

The Scoring

Batters Scoring (points)

BB: 1

HBP: 1

SB: 1

RBI: 1

1B: 1

2B: 2

3B: 3


Pitchers Scoring (points)

BB: -0.25

ER: -1

IP: 1

K: 1

Sv: 1

W: 3

The Teams

Honestly, I've got to give myself some major props for auto-drafting everyone such balanced teams while also making sure each person got some players they really loved. Additionally, each team will have a five man taxi squad to rely on in case of injury or in a pitcher's case, being used during a midweek. Team managers will also be able to swap starters and taxi squad members ahead of a weekend matchup for any reason if they desire.

Perhaps letting Team Cole get Cam Cannarella in the first round and Cam Smith late in the second round was a mistake, but Jake expressed his love for VT bats and so I awarded him Carson DeMartini ahead of Smith. Team Micah might have the most underrated lineup as he managed to secure an outfield of Seaver King (WF), Casey Saucke (UVA), and Alden Mathes (CU). Brandon Anderson (UL) is in his DH role and has been crushing the ball lately for the Cardinals.

Team Jake, who prioritized pitching by selecting Chase Burns (WF) in the first round, might have the best rotation as he was able to nab Virginia Tech Friday night starter Brett Renfroe and projected Florida State Sunday starter Connor Whittaker.

Team Noah might have the best bullpen, as both Fran Oschell III and James Tallon of Duke looked like their 2023 selves last weekend at Wake Forest, but Team Nick has to be psyched to feature a bullpen made up of freshman stud Jacob Dudan (NC St), Notre Dame bullpen ace Bennett Flynn, and Clemson's talented Lucas Mahlstedt.

It's hard to say who the favorite to win this league might be as all the teams appear to be extremely balanced. It may very well come down to the schedule and which teams have big performances when they need them.

Week One Transactions

Team Micah: Releases SP Carson Liggett (UL). Adds SP Kyle Johnson (Duke).

Team Noah: Moves 3B Nolan Nawrocki (CU) to IL. Adds 2B Vince Cimini (BC). Increased the prices of "Noah's Nachos" and "Souvenir Cup" for home games.

The Prize

So I am announcing this to the members of the ACC team for the first time right now, but they'll be receiving a replica jersey from the college or MLB team of their choice.

Week One Schedule

Noah vs Cole

Team Noah is limping into this one with Nolan Nawrocki likely out for Clemson and Marek Houston returning from a hamstring issue for Wake Forest. To replace Nawrocki this weekend, Noah added Boston College 2B Vince Cimini, moving Blake Wright (CU) to 3B in Nawrocki's absence. Noah will be looking for stars Drew Burress (GT) and Casey Cook (UNC) to remain hot, but his fantasy focus will be on the Clemson at Duke series as half his pitching staff plays for Duke (Andrew Healy, Fran Oschell, James Tallon) while Blake Wright will suit up for Clemson.

All three of Cole's starting pitchers will be featured in Coral Gables as Gage Ziehl and Rafe Schlesinger pitch for Miami against Shea Sprague's North Carolina. If projected rotations hold, Ziehl will throw for the Canes on Friday and Schlesinger on Saturday. Sprague would be projected to pitch for the Heels on Sunday. Hitters Parks Harber (UNC) and Edgardo Villegas (Miami) will be playing in that matchup as well, so the UNC at Miami series is a big one for Cole this weekend.

Nick vs Micah

It's a week one rivalry showdown as the FQACC boys go head-to-head to kick off our season. While I haven't heard what Micah thinks of his team, I've spent quite a few minutes with Nick discussing his and it's safe to say that he's a big fan of the guys he got. Nick has managed to receive four players each from NC State and Wake Forest so it's safe to say his focus will be divided between the two series those teams are playing in this weekend. One player outside those two teams that could have a big weekend for Team Nick, however, is Virginia Tech outfielder Chris Cannizzaro, who faces Louisville pitching this weekend.

Carson Liggett started for Louisville in the midweek so Micah brought on Duke freshman Kyle Johnson to replace Liggett in the rotation for now. Johnson will face another tough test in Clemson after a decent performance last weekend at Wake Forest. Micah might have the best starting trio going this weekend when you add in UNC ace Folger Boaz and Louisville Friday night starter Sebastian Gongora. I'd say they have the most upside of anybody's starters this weekend, but they'll be facing some tough competition. Gongora faces a lethal VT lineup, Boaz will be up against a Miami team that create some magic at home, while Johnson has to face #9 Clemson.

Grayson vs Monty

Grayson, our resident NC State guy, has to be pleased to have nabbed Jacob Cozart and Garrett Pennington. Cozart has recently caught fire while Pennington has been drilling doubles all over the field this season. With Logan Whitaker also in his rotation and his fandom of Wolfpack baseball, we know Grayson will be watching all the NC State action this weekend. But for his fantasy team, he should probably check out that Notre Dame/Florida State series, as his roster features three hitters from that matchup in DeAmez Ross (FSU), Alex Lodise (FSU), and Simon Baumgardt (ND).

I did my best to make sure I didn't just take all of my favorite players and not leave any for the rest of the league. But I am psyched with my team. My top two picks were Vance Honeycutt (UNC) and James Tibbs III (FSU) who have both started the season strong and have the potential to be in the ACC Player of the Year conversation. The starting trio of Jamie Arnold (FSU), Cullen McKay (UVA), and Aeden Finateri (GT) have been pleasant surprises early this year and will be tested this weekend. How they fare in conference play after a fantastic start in non-conference will be a key indicator in how my fantasy season goes.

Jake vs DJ

Team Jake is going to be heavily invested in Virginia Tech this weekend as his roster boasts three Hokies in 3B Carson DeMartini, OF Ben Watson, and SP Brett Renfrow. While his first two picks were SP Chase Burns (WF) and DeMartini, Jake's only specific request was that he be allowed to have Duke shortstop Wallace Clark. That request was granted and Jake is happy.

DJ joined the ACC team yesterday and inherited this previously unowned team but is confident he can lead it to victory. He'll be heavily invested in the UNC/Miami series as well since four of his players are featured in that matchup-- 1B Jason Torres (Miami), OF Anthony Donofrio UNC), SP Jason DeCaro (UNC), and RP Dalton Pence (UNC). With DJ joining the league, there may be some last minute transactions heading into the weekend as he takes a long look at the free agent pool.

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