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Georgia Edges Mississippi State In Bizarre Game Of Double Secret Ejections

By Doug Kyle

For the record, and on the record, the final score was Georgia 3, Mississippi State 2. Charlie Condon had a home run.

This is not to say Georgia shouldn't have won and didn't deserve to win. The pertinent point here is that neither team deserved a game so poorly managed and officiated. I don't like the idea of using robots to call games, but at this point I could easily be convinced they'd do a better job. Perhaps they would know better than to eject multiple defensive players departing the field and heading to their dugout after an exciting inning-ending play.

In this day and age of college baseball games being broadcast remotely, I feel like I've just witnessed the first one officiated remotely. Because, as we found out postgame, and bless Chris Lemonis if he's punished for telling what might be an inconvenient truth, the fault didn't lie with the umpires on site.

This is not to say the ones at Dudy Noble Field did a great job, but wholesale ejection of players, to the point where Friday's starting pitcher has to play LF in "the aftermath," the term used by on-site Crew Chief Jeff Head in announcing the second review to the stadium, was determined off site, by a party or parties reviewing game tape.

And, apparently, there was not enough input from those with masks on the ground to clarify that players returning to the dugout from their defensive positions are not the same as those leaving the dugout, which is appropriately an automatic ejection.

There was confusion, there was emotion, and there was frustration, especially when the initial question of whether a tag at home to end an inning was within the rules of clear base access/obstruction had been settled (the call stood), but wait a minute, there was a Columbo-like "just one more thing," as the SEC took nearly 3/4 of an hour to decide who all merited an ejection, and the likely suspensions to follow.

And then, the announcement to the stadium was simply that the head coaches had been notified of the ejections and that the game would resume. WHAT? was my first reaction, why bother when the only way we knew who was booted was by seeing them being pinch hit for.

If you thought bureaucratic ineptness was on display in Omaha three seasons ago, get ready, it's coming to an SEC town near you. Because, if this is any indication of the knee jerk reactions to be expected from what is supposed to be one of the leading conferences in college athletics, THE league of college baseball with the past three national champions, who's driving this thing, anyway?

Here are the unedited remarks by Chris Lemonis in the postgame presser:

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