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ACC Staff Predictions

Happy Opening Day! The college baseball season is finally here. The ACC staff of CBC were each asked to answer 18 questions regarding predictions for the 2024 season. Below are each of their responses. Who got it right?

Which teams will win their respective divisions in 2024?

Cole: Atlantic - Wake Forest I Coastal - Duke

Grayson: Atlantic - Wake Forest I Coastal - Virginia

Jake: Atlantic - Wake Forest I Coastal - Duke

Micah: Atlantic- Wake Forest I Coastal -Duke

Monty: Atlantic- Wake Forest I Coastal - Duke

Nick: Atlantic- Wake Forest I Coastal - Virginia

Which team will win the ACC Tournament in Charlotte this year?

Cole: Clemson 

Grayson: Wake Forest

Jake: Duke

Micah: Virginia

Monty: NC State

Nick: Wake Forest

Which teams will go to Omaha this year?

Cole: Wake Forest, Clemson, Virginia 

Grayson: Wake Forest & Virginia

Jake: Wake Forest, Duke, Clemson

Micah: Wake Forest & Clemson

Monty: Duke, Clemson

Nick: Wake Forest, Clemson, Virginia

ACC Player of the Year?

Cole: Nick Kurtz (Wake Forest)

Grayson: Nick Kurtz (Wake Forest)

Jake: Cam Cannerella (Clemson)

Micah: Nick Kurtz (Wake Forest)

Monty: Nick Kurtz (Wake Forest)

Nick: Nick Kurtz (Wake Forest)

ACC Pitcher of the Year?

Cole: Josh Hartle (Wake Forest)

Grayson: Josh Hartle (Wake Forest)

Jake: Jonathan Santucci (Duke)

Micah: Carson Liggett (Louisville)

Monty: Chase Burns (Wake Forest)

Nick: Josh Hartle (Wake Forest)

ACC Freshman of the Year?

Cole: Kyle Johnson (Duke) but Cooper Blauser (Clemson) will be in the conversation as well.

Grayson: Alex Sosa (NC State)

Jake: Ryan Zuckerman (Pitt)

Micah: Olin Johnson (UNC)

Monty: Daniel Cuvet (Miami), though Kyle Johnson (Duke), Drew Burress (Georgia Tech), and Ryan Zuckerman (Pitt) will also be in the conversation.

Nick: Kyle Johnson (Duke)

ACC Transfer of the Year?

Cole: Chase Burns (Wake Forest) 

Grayson: Seaver King (Wake Forest)

Jake: Jacob Hinderleider (Clemson)

Micah: Chase Burns (Wake Forest)

Monty: Chase Burns. But beyond him, I think Parks Harbor (UNC) or Garrett Pennington (NC State) will be in the conversation.

Nick: Chase Burns (Wake Forest)

ACC Coach of the Year?

Cole: Link Jarret (FSU)

Grayson: Link Jarrett (Florida State)

Jake: Link Jarrett (Florida State)

Micah: Dan McDonnell (Louisville)

Monty: John Szefc (Virginia Tech)

Nick: Link Jarret (FSU)

Most underrated player?

Cole: Blake Cyr (Miami )

Grayson: James Tibbs III (Florida State)

Jake: Eddie King Jr (Louisville)

Micah: Blake Cyr (Miami)

Monty: Alex Stone (Duke)

Nick: Eli Serrano (NC State)

Which team has the best infield entering 2024?

Cole: Wake Forest 

Grayson: Virginia Tech

Jake: Virginia Tech

Micah: Virginia Tech

Monty: Virginia Tech

Nick: Wake Forest

Which team has the best outfield entering 2024?

Cole: Clemson

Grayson: Clemson

Jake: Louisville

Micah: Clemson

Monty: North Carolina

Nick: Louisville

Which team has the best rotation entering 2024?

Cole: Wake Forest

Grayson: Wake Forest

Jake: Wake Forest

Micah: Wake Forest

Monty: Wake Forest

Nick: Wake Forest

Which team has the best bullpen entering 2024?

Cole: Duke

Grayson: NC State

Jake: Duke

Micah: Duke

Monty: Duke

Nick: NC State

Which player are you most excited to see play this year?

Cole: Jimmy Obertop (Clemson)

Grayson: Chase Burns (Wake Forest)

Jake: Jacob Cozart (NC State)

Micah: Carson DeMartini (Virginia Tech)

Monty: Cam Smith (Florida State)

Nick: Cam Cannarella (Clemson)

Which player do you think is most likely to have a breakout year?

Cole: Blake Cyr (Miami ) 

Grayson: Eli Serrano (NC State)

Jake: Carston Sabathia (Georgia Tech)

Micah: Drew Burress (Georgia Tech)

Monty: Patrick Forbes (Louisville). I was torn between Forbes, Lorenzo Carrier (Miami), and Carston Sabathia (Georgia Tech)

Nick: Jake Reinisch (Wake Forest)

Which team is more likely to bounce back, Louisville or Florida State?

Cole: Florida State 

Grayson: Florida State

Jake: Florida State

Micah: Louisville

Monty: I think both will bounce back but I’m going with Florida State as the more likely by a smidge.

Nick: Florida State

What is one bold take you have for an ACC team this season?

Cole: 3 ACC team will be playing in Omaha 

Grayson: Florida State will make the NCAA Tournament

Jake: (no response, coward)

Micah: Louisville plays in the ACC Championship game

Monty: Virginia Tech will make the NCAA Tournament

Nick: 10 ACC teams make the regionals

Outside of Wake Forest, which team has the best chance to win the ACC?

Cole: Clemson

Grayson: Duke

Jake: Duke

Micah: Virginia

Monty: Duke

Nick: Clemson

Of the 8 ACC teams not ranked in our Top 25, what team has the best chance to end the season ranked?

Cole: Florida State

Grayson: Florida State

Jake: Louisville

Micah: Louisville

Monty: Florida State

Nick: Miami

What series are you most looking forward to seeing this year?

Cole: Florida State at Clemson 

Grayson: NC State at Clemson

Jake: Virginia Tech at Virginia

Micah: Wake Forest at Virginia

Monty: Wake Forest at Virginia

Nick: Wake Forest at NC State

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