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ACC Ballpark Tour-2024

Updated: Feb 28

By Micah Beutell

College baseball is back, and there is nothing better than catching a game at the ballpark. That led me to think, why not check out a game at all 14 ACC ballparks in the same year? During this tour, you will get live updates throughout the game, recaps of the game, and of course, insight into the results around the conference.

There primary reason this tour is happening is to GROW THE GAME. How do we do that? By highlighting how fun attending a college baseball game is. At each ballpark you will get food reviews, insight into the cost of attendance, and how much fun and entertainment each field offers you.

If you are interested in meeting up with me on this journey, feel free to shoot me a message on X @MBeutell25 or @FQACC. Make sure to follow College Baseball Central (@CollegeBaseCNT) and @FQACC on X for all the behind the scenes content and reviews of all 14 ACC Ballparks!

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